Eureka Democracy Award


The Eureka Democracy Award


Australian Democracy is one of the oldest and most stable democracies in the world. And it was at Eureka where the people, as distinct from the Government and the bureaucracy, sought to obtain their democratic rights by laying down and demonstrating their principles of democracy. They held Monster Meetings and sought deputations. They produced a Charter and flew their Flag of the Southern Cross and finally stood to defend their Rights and Liberties at the Eureka Stockade. This was the first, brave and eventually successful attempt at developing democracy in this country.


The question is – Do we, today, value our democracy or do we take it for granted? Do we understand and appreciate what democracy really is? Are we aware of the various challenges that exist today that can and do diminish our democracy? 


Challenges such as:

  • the extraordinary influence of large global entities

  • the influence of wealthy operators and land developers,

  • the excessive influence of political factions and the cabinet as distinct from Parliament and the people

  • powerful  media moguls

  • lack of accurate reporting and the dumbing down of politics and democracy especially by the media

  • the over privatization of public utilities leading for instance to lack of transparency of  issues important to communities


We need to value our democracy and we need to protect and enhance it.


Consequently, in 2008 Eureka’s Children established The Eureka Democracy Award. This Award seeks to ensure that the vision of democracy that was fought for at Eureka is kept alive in contemporary Australian culture; a cause which is now strongly supported with the establishment in 2013 of the new Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka.


The Award is intended to recognize an individual or organisation that have, through their endeavors, contributed to strengthening democratic traditions in Australia.


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