In our current range

  • Eureka's Children's Mugs $15ea

  • Eureka flag Fridge Magnets $5ea

  • Prints of diggers swearing allegiance to the Southern Cross and the raising of the Eureka flag 1854 by Charles Doudiet $5ea

  • Eureka pins $5ea

  • Eureka Stockade Diggers March Booklets written by historian John Molony $2ea

You can pick these up at the Celtic Club Administrative Centre, 420-424 William Street, West Melbourne (the first floor). 

Let us know when you are coming phone 8535 4506 (during working hours) or email to

Or we can post them to you by adding $5 for each mug, $1 for the pins and $2 for the booklet and $10 for the print (it'll need a PostPak Tube).